On February 22 our country’s first president was born 289 years ago and our family’s first lady was born 90 years ago.  Mama shared her birthday with President George Washington although they lived in different times and circumstances were vastly different.  Both performed their respective jobs with excellence and both have been recognized for the way they lived and the principles for which they stood.

I choose this day to remember what we had and not what we lost.  Our family was so blessed to have Mama as its matriarch.  She quietly led our family toward excellence, but when she felt it was necessary she would speak her mind and it was usually not a “beat around the bush” conversation.  She would say what she felt she needed to say directly and to the point; more times than not she was right on the money.  Maybe not every time, but I think her assessments and comments were well above average for being correct and her ability to sense something was not right was just uncanny.  I believe her walk with God gave her insight into sometimes hidden things in our family and she did a great job of listening for His guidance on when to speak and when to remain silent.

She and Daddy formed the strongest team I know to build a family and raise their children and it was based on their bond with each other and with God.  My brother and I learned some hard lessons; many times because we didn’t listen to Mama and Daddy’s advice and didn’t take advantage of their wisdom and lessons they had already learned.

Mama’s love for her family was intense and we all knew it.  Others found out about it quickly if she perceived an injustice toward someone in her family.  She was not confrontational unless someone mistreated her family, but she would spring into action if that happened.  She loved doing things for us, sometimes I think to her detriment.  She made sure that everyone had their favorite dish to eat at each family gathering, and as our family grew it became a big job to fix all of the dishes required.  She did it anyway and I never heard her complain about it.

I miss you terribly, Mama; but thank you for loving me when I didn’t deserve it and for all the memories you left with us. 


  1. I miss her terribly too. But she was everything you said and more. I also didn’t know they shared the same birthday. Pretty cool.


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