“Her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her.”  Proverbs 31:  28

My mother traded in her earthly tent for a crown early Tuesday morning and our family is reeling once again.  She left behind a loving husband, two sons and daughters-in-law, four grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren with another due in December.  She also left behind a niece who was more like a daughter than a niece, and many many friends.  To say she will be missed would be a gross injustice to the impact she had on so many lives.  She had an outstanding role model- her own mother. 

Mama would bake for weeks ahead of a holiday or family get-together to make sure everyone got their favorite dessert or veggie dish.  If anyone loved babies more than Mama I don’t know who it would be; I’ve seen some close rivals, but I’m not sure anyone could actually outlove her with a new baby. 

She defined the word love, yet I found ways to bring out her anger.  But even in her anger I still knew she loved me and only had my best interest at heart.  My sweet mother, when her dad sent her to the store to buy a plug of chewing tobacco, would bite off the corners and chew them on the way home.  My sweet little mother could drag a 60-80 pound bag of cotton with me riding on top of it to the dump wagon.  She washed and ironed almost everything including Daddy’s handkerchiefs, pillow cases, dish towels….  I often wondered why but I didn’t ever find out.  She worked at home until I started school, and occasionally was a substitute teacher.  When I started school she went to work in the school system to help pay the bills and feed two hungry boys.  Then she worked until she retired. 

Now she can rest.  But the vacuum she leaves behind in our lives is just a void that can’t be filled.  I love you, Mama. 


February 22, 1931-November 3, 2021

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