MAY 19, 1982

Thirty-eight years ago today our first child was born. It was a long day of labor for Robin to finally end with a C-section late that night. I don’t have access to old photos or I would put her baby picture in the post. But here she is now, with her new baby, Olivia.


Their birthdays are just six days apart so we’ll celebrate May birthdays. We seem to have birthdays in clumps in our family. July, December and now May have multiple birthdays in each month. We’re going to their house later this morning and Robin is going to make fresh biscuits for Katie’s breakfast (her favorite food). It is a rare treat for us to be with Katie on her birthday so today will be very special. We are unashamedly proud of our daughters, their husbands and children.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!! I love you very much!!


2 thoughts on “MAY 19, 1982

  1. Happy Birthday, Katie and Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing this photo of them, Steve. I know you and Robin are feeling so blessed to be there during this time.
    Precious Katie, precious Olivia! Love your family ❤️


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