April 21, 1986

My math is a little rusty, but I believe that was 34 years ago; seems like just a few weeks at times. Today is our baby girl’s 34th birthday and that is hard to believe. It is such a great feeling and a real blessing to see your grown children living successful lives. Things were not always easy for Rachel; she worked hard in school and had several obstacles to overcome. She (much like her father) learned many lessons the hard way. I guess that is one reason it is so gratifying to see your adult children living successful and happy lives.

We watch them struggle and overcome those hardships and learn valuable lessons. And we hurt with them and for them when they are going through those experiences. Then we celebrate with them; just like we will do later today. But man! Thirty four years has gone by quickly!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!! I love you so much!

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