Since we knew we were coming to St. Pete Robin and I decided to wait until we got here to officially celebrate Carter’s birthday, even if it was a day late. So yesterday, 2-5-20, we went to Clam Bayou armed with three white roses for his third birthday. As we walked out the boardwalk to the water, we heard the familiar rustle of palm fronds in the breeze and observed the beautiful plants on either side of the boardwalk.

We even had a little friend jump on the boardwalk behind us as we walked by. We stood for several minutes staring at the murky water below reflecting on both Carter’s birthday, and the last time we had seen him at this very spot.

As I gazed out over the water, I noticed the same boat lying on its side; I know it has been there for the three years I’ve been visiting the Bayou, but it’s still there.


It was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to sink into the Tampa Bay waters.  I also noticed the cloud formations reflecting the evening sun rays.IMG_1547

After we had tossed our three white roses into the water, I wanted to see the view from the observation deck before we left; it was worth the brief walk up the ramps.


It was a beautiful evening, celebrating the beautiful life of a beautiful little boy.



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