Today, February 4, 2020, we celebrate the third birthday of Carter Joshua Reed, who left us much too soon. Our hearts were filled with joy when Carter made his entrance into the world beyond the womb, even though he spent his first three weeks in the NICU. He was, like all babies are, a special gift and blessing from God and we celebrate with grateful hearts the impact he has had on each of our lives. Our family continues to live with a hole in our hearts just the size and shape of Carter; we wonder what he would be like now at three, what he would be doing, and what it would be like to play in the floor with him. We still want to kiss his chubby cheeks, rub his head, read a book with him and sing songs with him.

The pain of losing him cannot negate the joy we had with him while he was here and so today, we celebrate. We’re thankful for the time we spent with him and the lessons we have learned (discussed many times in these blog posts and Katie’s blog Dear Carter).

And now, we anxiously await the arrival of a new baby girl in May and to say we’re excited would be quite an understatement. This precious girl will in no way “take the place” of Carter; we will always have a “Carter-hole” in our hearts. But I think she will bring a breath of fresh air into our family and for that, I am so thankful!

Happy birthday, Little Buddy! Your Papa loves you very much and misses you every day!



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