We often ask “where has the time gone” and I find myself doing that more and more.  Our children were both born in the eighties and that doesn’t seem long ago, but it’s been almost forty years since 1980 – where HAS the time gone?  Way back in the 1960’s Kodak had a television commercial with the song “Turn Around” as the musical part accompanying a series of photos of a little girl growing up.  Follow the link to view the commercial:


Kenny Loggins released a version of the song in 2000 on his album “More Songs from Pooh Corner” and that’s the version I have in my music library.  Sometimes it’s hard to hear the song; but occasionally I do it anyway because it brings back so many wonderful memories of times spent with our girls.  Memories like

-Trips to the beach where we always made some kind of sand art – turtles, alligators.  It had to be something pretty simple; I wasn’t much of an artist and the girls’ attention spans were too short for anything that would require a lot of time.

-Piano lessons, dance lessons, recitals, swim meets, track meets

-Christmas dinners and Christmas mornings, especially the year Santa brought a trampoline

Too many to recall here, but several years ago I tried to capture the memories of their growing years:




Where HAS the time gone?


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