I happened to land on a web site called bookbub.com and an article caught my attention: “Fourteen Things You Probably Didn’t Know about C. S. Lewis.” Admittedly I’m a fan of some of Lewis’ works but I didn’t really know a lot about the man behind the books. Here are some of the interesting things I learned about him:

1. He was called “Jack” as an adult. He gave himself the nickname “Jacksie” when he was four years old after his dog Jacksie was hit and killed by a car.
2. Known as an “English writer” he was actually born in Ireland.
3. Known mostly as a Christian writer he wasn’t always; he became an atheist at boarding school often speaking out against religion, but returned to Christianity as an adult.
4. During WWII Lewis ran a popular BBC broadcast speaking on the topics of morality and religion; the broadcasts eventually became the foundation for his book “Mere Christianity.”
5. Lewis thought he would never marry; he was a bachelor for most of his adult life until he met Joy Davidman Gresham in 1952. They had written letters for several years then married in 1956 when Lewis was 58 years old. Their marriage ended four years later with Joy’s death.
6. As a way to process losing his wife, Lewis wrote “A Grief Observed” under the pseudonym N. W. Clerk. Not knowing he was the author several of his friends recommended the book to Lewis to help him through his grief.
7. His death from kidney failure was overshadowed by the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963.
8. He was a professor at both Cambridge and Oxford.

Some of his works have been made into movies (The Chronicles of Narnia, most notably) and after half a century later, his books are still very influential for many. The article makes me want to reread some of his books.


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