Yesterday unfolded like nothing I would have suspected. Nothing bad happened; but because the weather forecast called for a WINTER STORM WARNING!! everything closed up. The gym was closed, schools, daycares, even Redstone Arsenal closed the night before in anticipation of the storm. When I worked on the arsenal they rarely closed; theygranted liberal leave on days when it would be dangerous to drive in to work. But they didn’t do that until the morning when it was a known fact that there was indeed snow and ice on the roads. So, we got nothing; a little rain early in the morning and some snow that immediately melted when it hit the warm ground and roads. But since our daughter is sick we got the kids and brought them to our house so she could get some rest.

When I took my morning medicine (that’s what aging people do and they have a morning medication and an evening medication routine)… when I took my morning medicine and put the daily medicine-holder back in the cabinet I noticed I had just taken my evening medicine. Not knowing what to do I took the morning medicine too except I didn’t repeat anything that I had already taken. It made sense to me at the time. By the time we got home with the kids I could hardly keep my eyes open and collapsed into the recliner where I even slept through the chaos of the girls trying to wake Papa. Poor Robin got stuck with almost everything that had to be done, got them both to sleep for a nap and worked herself to exhaustion.

And because the gym was closed and I spent most of the day sleeping and eating, I gained 3 pounds! I went to bed early and slept over 7 hours, almost unheard of for me. Today, I feel great! Now I just need to focus on taking the right medicine at the right time and getting to the gym.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps 118: 24 And let me start with the right medicine. Amen

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