My favorite sportswriter is Phillip Marshall. Years ago Mr. Marshall wrote for the Huntsville News, and then I believe, for the Huntsville Times. Now he writes exclusively for an online Auburn University Sports site. Periodically, he will write a column entitled “Ramblin’ Around” so I thought I would borrow his title and his format of just writing snippets of whatever comes to mind.

It is a rainy gloomy day here; a good day to stay inside and … that’s the problem. I’m not sure what I would do if I stayed in the house all day. Probably watch TV most of the day which would in my view be a wasted day. So, no; I’m not going to go that route. I will go to the gym soon and get in some kind of workout. And I will get a haircut this afternoon.

I’m leading our small group study for the next two weeks and I plan to discuss the topic of yesterday’s post: Chains. The study in its entirety would probably take 6 weeks to complete, so what was posted yesterday and what I will do in our small group will be a very condensed look at what I view as a big problem. In our meeting two weeks ago, I got to the point of Addiction completing most of what was in yesterday’s post (see outline in “Living in Chains”, Jan 22, 2019). Here’s a small sample of some facts I found (statistics came from the internet so we can argue the validity of the numbers, but it’s hard to dispute the trend).

1. People compulsively use drugs, gamble, or shop nearly always in reaction to being emotionally stressed, whether or not they have a physical addiction.
2. More than 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction (excluding tobacco)
3. 100 people die every day from drug overdoses
4. Tobacco-related cost to US is over $190b (healthcare, loss of productivity…)
5. More than 2 in 3 adults are considered overweight or obese
6. 60% of adults are not sufficiently active to achieve health benefits
7. 40m people in the US are sexually involved with the internet
8. 53% of “promise keeper” men admitted to viewing porn in the past week
9. 50% of Christian men are addicted to porn
10. According to CNN about 6% of women and 5.5% of men are compulsive buyers
11. 60% of college students consider themselves to have a cell phone addiction
12. 66% of US homes have 3 or more TVs; hours per day that the TV is on is 6 hours and 47 minutes; 66% of Americans regularly watch TV while eating dinner; 250b hours of TV watched annually at a cost of $1.25t (that’s trillion!).
13. 15% of Americans gamble at least once per week
14. Video gaming industry generated $10.3b revenue in 2002 surpassing the film industry; average length of playing time is 20 hours per week; 72% of American households play video games (I’m confident that these numbers have grown over the last 17 years).

Someone saw a church sign that said, “Give the devil and inch and he will become a ruler.” I think that’s reflected in the statistics above.

2 thoughts on “RAMBLIN’ AROUND

  1. Unbelievable. I wonder what the statistics look like if we break them down into age groups? I hate to think of the number of hours our children are spending on social media and gaming.
    I will certainly look more closely at how I’m spending my time. Thanks Steve


  2. Alarming. I wonder what the statistics look like if we further break it down into age groups. I hate to think of the number of hours our children are spending on social media and gaming. That’s going to be an interesting study and look forward to reading more about this topic.
    Thanks, Steve


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