Do you believe God still performs miracles today? I do, but I would be hard-pressed to offer a compelling argument with supporting evidence. One Christian web site I visited (Christian Courier) said the miracles ended with the Biblical descriptions with which we are familiar (article entitled “Modern Miracles- True or False?” written by Wayne Jackson. Another site, beliefnet contained an article called “7 Modern Miracles that Science Can’t Explain” written by Megan Schmidt describing 7 instances where God intervened in a crisis.

Personally I believe we serve and worship the same God that performed all of the miracles described in the Bible and there is no reason that He could not and would not still perform miracles today. I consider my friend’s healing from a serious head injury last year to be nothing short of a miracle. The doctor performing his surgery told his wife that 95% of people having the surgery in the condition he was in would not survive. This all started New Year’s Eve 2018 when he slipped on an icy sidewalk in Gatlinburg, Tn; the four of us had traveled there for the celebration of the new year. When he fell, witnesses said he hit his head hard on the sidewalk and three days later he was taken to the ER with a severe headache. When I got to the hospital, his condition was critical and declining quickly. One year later, they returned to Gatlinburg for the New Year’s Eve celebration 2019. He has no remaining side effects from the injury and is doing great. That qualifies as a miracle to me, and I think his doctor felt the same way. The doctor said, “There’s a reason you are still here.” It could be said that it wasn’t a miracle; just modern medicine at its best. But I honestly think the physician didn’t think he would survive and I think God was with him during the surgery and his care afterward. In fact, I believe miracles happen all the time around us but we don’t notice them or we think they are due to natural causes or technological advances.

Deuteronomy 1 describes Moses sending the twelve spies into the Promised Land and their report back. Ten said “the people are stronger and taller than we are; the cities are large, with walls up to the sky…” Only two, Caleb and Joshua, knew that God would fight their battles and give them victory. This story is captured so well by the gospel trio Greater Vision in a song called “With all the Many Miracles”. Here’s a few of the lyrics:

“…We know we’re out-manned by far
They’re much bigger than we are
But let’s not forget just Who it is we serve.

So here you are my friend
You face a battle you cannot win
And you tell yourself there’s just no need to try
Consider how good God’s been
He’s been faithful time and again
You must believe and here’s the reason why

With all the many miracles
Why don’t you think it’s possible?
With all the many things we’ve seen
Why do you think it’s just a dream?
With all the things He’s done for us
Don’t you think it’s time we trust?
Remember what is possible
With all the many miracles.”

We have the freedom to choose and I choose to believe that the God I serve is still in the business of performing miracles. We just need to wake up and see it.

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