I watched another Hallmark movie that caught my attention. Just the name made me curious: “A Godwink Christmas”. The movie, inspired by a true story, begins by defining Godwink as “an event or personal experience often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of Divine intervention, especially when perceived as an answer to a prayer.”

In one scene Kathy Lee Gifford’s character tells her niece, “Sometimes God does not speak to us in a voice we can hear. Sometimes God winks… When things happened to us we really didn’t understand, it was really a way of getting our attention and moving us, guiding us on to the right path; a better path.” I like that; but it requires that we are in a place where we are able to perceive that gentle nudge or hear the whisper or feel His Spirit moving us in a particular direction. When we are “in tune” God can make beautiful music from our completely human endeavors. When we are out of tune, God first has to tune us by tightening strings (like a guitar) before we can be moved into His will.

Tuning can be painful. I also watched Garth Brooks’ concert at Notre Dame Stadium and heard a new song that addresses the tuning process. The song is “Live Again” by Gabe Dixon and the chorus says:

“Sometimes you have to let your heart break
Sometimes the right choice is so hard to make
Sometimes it’s no use saving your own skin
Sometimes you have to die to live again.”

I have discarded the notion of “coincidence” in my life so the term “Godwink” just means a great answer to prayer. Besides a “great answer” to prayer (one that we wanted and are overjoyed about) there are two other ways prayers are answered: “No” and “Not now”. We may not see those answers as Godwinks, but we can trust that whatever the answer may be it is His best for us.

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