Since I began this writing activity, several things have amazed me and often left me stunned. That’s where I find myself this morning. I went to bed early last night so I woke up early this morning and have had 2-3 hours to study and watch some video clips. One of the things that has amazed me is how often I’ve just felt like quitting; and I have gone long periods without writing so I may have come close to giving it up altogether a couple of times. Another thing that has left me stunned has been the times when I’ve written something, thinking I’ve covered the subject, only to be flooded with deeper thoughts on the subject soon after (often the next day) and that’s where I find myself this morning.

My last post “Ants and Finishing” was written and posted three days ago. Since then I’ve had some periods of time to watch clips of Ravi Zacharias and T D Jakes as well as some of the worship favorites of mine. Today, I watched a two-part message from T D Jakes “Defying the Urge to Quit”. I finished the last post with the words “Finish the work…” Paul’s message to the Corinthians. But you can’t finish if you quit and that’s where Jakes’ sermon really hit home. We all experience many times and circumstances when it would be easier to just quit; Jakes said even Jesus prayed three times in the Garden to “take this cup from me”. He didn’t want to do what He had to do, He didn’t want to be Him at that time. The key word in the scenario is “nevertheless”. As much as He didn’t want to do what lay ahead of Him, He finished the job, as He said when He died.

One example Jakes used was from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics mens’ 400m race. A runner from Great Britain, Derek Redmond, was one of the favorites in the race but tore his hamstring in the semi-final. There was no way to win, but in great pain he finished the race with the help of his father (see video at Jakes has such a gift for delivering God’s message; these two clips are well worth the time required to watch them. Part 1 is: and part 2 is: I also notice there is a part 3 which I have not seen yet but plan to watch.

So now I must modify the tag line I left with “Ants and Finishing” as follows:


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