Looking back, it’s been about four months since my last post. I almost feel like I’m starting over and that’s the way I’m choosing to think about it. Over the last year (after I went back to work) my priorities shifted and became fuzzy and out of focus. Today, Nov 5, I am retired again and the first thing I want to do is fix the priority issues(s). Gradually over time I just started skipping a personal devotion time; I wrote and posted less and less until it pretty much went away altogether. I’ve missed it; so, in a sense, this is a new beginning for me. My devotion time had become a quick reading from a book at lunchtime. The problem is by then the day is half over and I found that I had completed half of the day totally unprepared for whatever happened during the day. I also just dropped any sort of exercise program and that resumes this morning as well.

Beginning again will require checks along the way to see if I’m still on track. And when I need to change something I will call that a course correction. Suppose we have a 1000 mile trip to take over water. We set the bow of the boat on a course that leads to our intended destination. But suppose our calculations are off by 2 degrees; that’s a tiny angle, but after we have traveled our 1000 miles with an error of 2 degrees we are 35 miles away from our intended destination. So it is with our lives. A slight shift in priorities can lead to significantly missing our goal. In a sense then, today marks both a new beginning and a course correction for me on my life’s journey.

I’ve been attending a weekly gathering of people in our town that are recovering from something (aren’t we all recovering from something?). Several among us are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, but the important thing is not what we are recovering from but that we are recovering. The Alcoholics Anonymous program has been around for many years and has been the road to success for many in the recovery community. Their program, in my opinion, is a great one for recovery from anything; I’ve been reading their “Big Book” as part of my devotion time and they have three little mottoes:

First things first.
Live and let live.
Easy does it.

“First things first” refers back to the earlier discussion on priorities. “Live and let live” means you can’t fix my problems and I can’t fix yours; when we become ready to take ownership of our lives and priorities we can help each other, but until that time, attempts to help just come across as nagging or complaining. “Easy does it” means you can’t correct months and years of bad choices in a week. We take it a day at a time and make the most of this day we’ve been given. We have no promise of tomorrow and we can’t change yesterday.

For me today, 1) devotion time, check; 2) new blog post, check; 3) now I’m off to the gym.


  1. Steve, welcome back & Congratulations on your retirement. I Sure have missed your blog entries and am looking forward to reading more of them. You are so wise and know how to get a point across with your stories. A great teacher you are and I truly enjoy your posts.


  2. Steve, I’ve missed your blog entries and look forward to the new ones. You are such a good teacher and I love seeing the message through your stories and analogies. Welcome back and congratulations on your retirement!


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