The last post talked about some things we can’t do from Roger Miller’s song; these things are physically impossible, dangerous or pointless (maybe all of the above). But there are many things we CAN do which include some things we can do but SHOULDN’T do. Think about the things we can do verses the things we can’t do as represented in the diagram below:

Venn diagram

THINGS WE CAN DO                                                    THINGS WE CAN’T DO

The overlapping portion of the two circles represents things we really can do but we think we can’t so we don’t attempt them. There many reasons for thinking we can’t. Fear of failure, daunting tasks that overwhelm us, fear that we are not qualified, fear of ridicule, don’t possess the necessary skills or knowledge, don’t know where to start (overcoming inertia), fear that the results will not be as we anticipate…. It could be a long list but the fact remains that they are beyond our reach only because we THINK we cannot do them. I believe this is where the sweetest nectar of life is found. The gratification, joy and feeling of accomplishment we have when we successfully complete a task that we were not sure we could do is where our greatest achievements lie and are likely what we will be remembered for after we are gone. However, it all begins with getting our negative thoughts out of the way and making a start.

“YOU MUST do the things you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt
“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napolean Hill

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